Arjun Saksena

Product Manager (formerly Adobe, Evernote, Yahoo), Co-founder at


People were constantly asking Arjun about transitioning to product management. Offering personal, actionable advice quickly became a passion of his. What he has realized is that most people who want to transition to PM don’t lack the skills. Instead, what they lack is real-world problem-solving experience, and the ability to frame that experience in a way that is a "no-brainer" for hiring managers.


Arjun Saksena is the founder of The Productify. It took him years to figure out how to transition to product management and he doesn't want it to take that long for others. As of today, he has 12+ years of product management experience at Yahoo!, Adobe, and Evernote. Product management goes hand in hand with entrepreneurial skills, and he has also been an early member of two successful startups, FastForward Networks, which was acquired for $1.3B by Inktomi and Streamlogics. Currently, he is the co-founder of an ML-based product analytics startup.

Main fields of expertise:

Transition to Product Management

Who can benefit from his knowledge?

Aspiring Product Managers and PMs' early in their career.