Edyta Korona

Research Lead & Program Director, Product Development Days | Founder, Innovators' Bridge

Over 11 years of practical experience in innovation teams as a product manager, UX designer, product marketing manager, facilitator, coach, and program manager. Edyta is a psychologist passionate about applying the science of human behaviour in the business environment. Her particular interests are in psychometry, learning processes, gamification and ecosystem design. 
Working in tech environment to combine two disciplines: psychology and technology, she navigates pretty fluently in diverse, cross-functional and international teams, driving innovation and out-of-the box thinking. Recently diving deeper into the practical implementation of VR/AR, AI &ML, IoT, Big Data to leverage quality of life and improve industries, especially education, wellness, and healthcare.

Part of her daily activity is a non-profit educational and research work done in the US and Europe - together with experts in the field of digitalization, she organizes an annual conference, Product Development Days, and many other accompanying research activities. Because of this she is on the hunt for outstanding digital projects and case studies from the US and Europe and open to help leaders in their digital transformation efforts. As a research lead, she explores international frameworks that help to digitalize industries. 

Operating mostly on a strategic level as an advisor, coach or program manager for C- level executives, investors and mentoring high-potential startups Edyta has gained experience in business analysis, investment market, product and growth strategies. Now working on a startup and in digital services. She has relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017 and is now operating mostly in the US.