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Are we designers of bright future or cyber-armageddon? (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Paweł Kopyść — Lead / Senior UX Designer at Sabre Corporation


New technologies that solve some problems unexpectedly create other challenges. Nowadays, we experience rising issues with machine morality, untrust in bots either addictions in mobile applications. Designers meet new challenges that were unknown or maybe ignored. How to prepare for tomorrow's dilemmas? This talk will be about the design ethics, sustainability, and how to become a responsible product designer.

Target Audience:

This presentation is for all product designers, owners and startup founders who want to be social responsible. We all should be more moral, sensitive and feel the responsibility for the products we create, including their side effects. Unfortunately, responsible design and morality of things are still in the shadow.

Areas of Knowledge:

Problem Solving - Business Analysis

Product Development in New Technologies

Personal Power - soft skills for Product Managers



84 of 100 seats available

Paweł Kopyść

Lead / Senior UX Designer at Sabre Corporation

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