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User reseach 4.0 (Manggha)

by Katarzyna Gawlik — Manager at Deloitte Digital

What is the presentation about?

Is it any big deal? You go to a user and ask about your product to make sure you move in the right direction. No, it's not a big deal. But still, I am sure that in most cases you are loosing your time, money and priceless learning opportunities by not doing the right research in the right time. In her presentation, Kasia will share a secret on how to minimize investment and maximize impact that the right research may have on your product.

For whom it is designed?

If you manage any design or development processes and want to make sure that your job will be loved by the end users - you are welcome!

Areas of Knowledge:

UX & Design


Product Team

215 of 250 seats available

Katarzyna Gawlik

Manager at Deloitte Digital