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Official Opening (Manggha)

by John Scherer — Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

Digital transformation is about using technology to not only bring a business to the online space but also to use technology to do the business differently. This is a big field for innovation and exercising human creativity in service of social and environmental enhancement. 

We are living in times, where innovation can be born almost everywhere and scaled globally. We have many resources, opportunities and at the same time challenges. It's up to us, whether solutions crafted by our engineers and designers will help move humanity forward or cause additional stress and discomfort to the planet.

In this presentation, Przemek will share how we can ignite the human spirit and capabilities to bring the best out of people and help them create not only innovative but valuable products and services. 

The opening is also a space for partners and The Program Board to share their stories of incredible transformations. We will also have a special guest that will deliver his message from another continent, so stay tuned and be there!

230 of 300 seats available

John Scherer

Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

"Managers might think that leadership is a position, but it’s not. It’s an attitude. Leadership is something that happens between two people."