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Transforming company from project to product mindset (Manggha)

by Pramod Jain - Program Board — COO, Plusgrade

What is the presentation about?

Many of the tech companies in Central Eastern Europe are still very much focused on delivering projects, being an outstanding source of talents for ideas that are being born in different other parts of the world. On the other hand, the innovation born in western Europe or the US is spreading rapidly, taking over local markets in the global economy. The reason this is happening is that of the pattern used for incubating and scaling innovation in the more advanced and developed markets is different. The core of it lays in the business model, skills and processes that enable companies to be product-focused companies. If we want to be smart followers and accelerating digital innovation in Central Eastern Europe or other regions, we need to understand how to build and implement those models, how to develop the essential skills (and how to recognize outstanding talents) and how to restructure the processes.

Sabre is for some time already facing this challenge - but also huge opportunity to become Sabre is on a journey towards transforming into a full-fledged, product-focused company, with strong product centres Global Development Centers (GDCs) with a standard operating model all over the world. During Pramod's presentation, he will share what approach Sabre is taking to become a top-notch product company, including sharing the role of product management. 

Pramod’s talk will also include the foundational skills required in product management, and the role of product marketing to grow a product portfolio in a market leading business. 

220 of 300 seats available