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UX research planning canvas for teams (Manggha)

by Iga Mościchowska — Senior UX Designer & Researcher, WitFlow

What is the presentation about?

There are several dozen different research methods to choose from. Have you ever wondered, if your team is doing the right research or if the research will provide you with the answers you're looking for?  I'll tell you about my journey of creating a simple tool that helps teams to plan the right research for the problems and phase, you're digital product is in. It all starts with formulating the right questions and follows with good team collaboration, as always. Oh, and there will be post-it notes!

Iga will also run a workshop: Planning UX research for product development. You can still sign up!

235 of 250 seats available

Iga Mościchowska

Senior UX Designer & Researcher, WitFlow

"Treat your customers as partners, rather than subjects, and engage them in the product development process."