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Błażej Walczak & Bogumiła Kier - From team maturity to product responsibility (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Błażej Walczak — Head of Product Development Group at Ericsson

What is the presentation about?

Imagine that you are a member of a sailing raising team… Everyone does what is needed in the best possible moment. Whole crew acts as one organism: it has common understating of the situation, a clear vision of the aim and way forward. It is great to be a member of such a united team and to have a feeling that you are doing something important with faith that the success is close at hand. And now let’s see the situation from the organizational point of view. A team consists of 10-12 members, all people have great skills, a lot of practice, there is a great cooperation, a clear goal, everybody feels responsible for the results. Making team act and feel this way it’s a great success. But how to make it happen when the aim is to delight customer with big scale telecommunication product? How to make it real when the environment is volatile, results uncertain, expectations are changing and the crew counts more than 400 people in different localizations? How to make 400 people to look in the same direction and make the right decisions? During our presentation, we will share our experience on how to build the sense of ownership for the large-scale product, and what we have learned from our mistakes and successes. In the centre of our reflections, we will put team ecosystem and building right environment for the team maturity, which goes together with the sense of being responsible not only for the team tasks but for the whole big product.

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Błażej Walczak

Head of Product Development Group at Ericsson