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How to make brave decisions to build great products (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Oana Juncu — Funder, Certified LEGO®, Serious Play®, Facilitator at cOemerge

What is the workshop about?

We need reassurance, therefore we create plans. In personal life, we are sometimes so sceptical about our plans that we cut ourselves off from our dreams. In professional life, often the opposite happens: we push ourselves into a state of denial and we believe our plan is the only acceptable reality. If a little inner voice tells us the universe may not care much about what our view of  the acceptable reality is, we seek ways to obtain some extra-reassurance.We do that via extra-plans on risk management, estimations, tests, and other expertise on everything-that-could-happen-in-the-future. Tasks to reinforce our self-reassurance have a cost. I call it the cost of fear.

The workshop offers an experimental space to limit the hidden "cost of fear" embedded in our organizations "mandatory" activities. It is designed to address the testing teams eco-system, and it can be extended to a wider scale.

We'll focus on the following questions: 

  • What are the self-reassuring oriented activities and what is the place of "testing" among them?
  • Why do we continue to invest our time in low-value activities?
  • How can we sustain the organization's value delivery aligned with people's needs?

and we'll aim to initiate a frugal design for a "Cost of Fear Free" organization.

For whom is the workshop designed?

Changemakers and all innovation driven roles

Skills you will improve:

Product Team

Personal Power - soft skills for Product Managers

Relevant materials:

14 of 20 seats available

Oana Juncu

Funder, Certified LEGO®, Serious Play®, Facilitator at cOemerge