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Data Science and Machine Learning for Product People (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Łukasz Siatka — Chief Technology Officer at Lonsley

What is the workshop about?

Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing areas in the world. It's being widely used nearly everywhere - you probably use it dozens of times every day without even knowing about it. Only in the past decade, machine learning allowed us to take few steps forward in the development of technologies related to practical speech recognition, object detection, effective web search, autonomous robots and so on.

During this workshop, you are going to learn the basics of Machine Learning, learn the differences between Machine Learning and Data Science and get the practical know-how needed to apply these techniques to many real-world problems.

For whom it is designed?

People with analytics and product background. Previous experience in software development may be useful but is not required. Knowledge of the basics of University-level maths (calculus, algebra, probability theory and statistics) is a plus.

Skills you will improve:

Problem Solving - Business Analysis

Product Development in New Technologies

1 of 19 seats available

Łukasz Siatka

Chief Technology Officer at Lonsley