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How do I make the most out of my Product Design team? (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Jonathan Gall - Program Board — Product Designer, Gall Design Studio

What is the workshop about?

In the 4 hours, you will learn actionable strategies to not only set up your team but also create an efficient workflow and environment. This will be an interactive workshop divided into 3 parts.

  • Building and developing a team with the right cast
  • Choosing the right instruments and workflows
  • Helping all the actors of your company – from business to technology – to leverage the talent in your UI/UX team

Each part will start with theory then we will ask participants to share their stories and try to solve their challenges together. 

The workshop is run by Jonathan Gall and Werner Puchert. You can learn more by watching this short video where Jonathan tells more about it here.


People: Build and develop a team with the right cast (1h) Stacking individual talents without strategy is counter-productive. It will generate conflicts, delays and induce a high turnover in any team. Hence a particular focus on transparency and trust. We will talk about ways to identify the right individuals to grow your team, from leads to juniors. Then architect it around timely deliverables, continuous personal growth and unwavering trust.

Tools: Choosing the right instruments and workflows for your UX/UI team (1h) There is currently available a plethora of theoretical and practical tools to execute a design strategy. We will make our way through this dense forest by identifying what your team does need. From Design Systems implementation to the choice of prototyping tools, we will demystify terms and share best practices. We will also glimpse at what the future hold for our discipline.

Partners: Guide your company to understand how to leverage your UI/UX team to create a better product (1h) A common challenge for designers is to make their internal partners understand the value of their work. We will target and cut the shifts that exist between designers, engineers and business people.

There will be 15m of pause after the first two parts, then a Q&A of 30m to finish.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to (1) build a strong design team and (2) identify ways to improve your current team over time.

For whom is the workshop designed?

Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Lead Designers, C-level - practitioners with several years of practical experience leading product teams.

Skills you will improve:

UX & Design

Problem Solving - Business Analysis

Product Team

10 of 12 seats available

Jonathan Gall - Program Board

Product Designer, Gall Design Studio

Jonathan Gall is a business-oriented designer passionate about helping entrepreneurs. He is a Product Designer with hands-on experience in both Product Management and Development.