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Agile Indentity - being effective in virtual, multucultural world (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Przemysław Gawronski — Senior Consultant, Scherer Leadership Center

What is the workshop about?

The workshop is focused on building the ability to smoothly adjust to a different multicultural context in a work setting. Participants will have an opportunity to identify their hidden potential of effective cooperation in a virtual team when the trust-building process is shaken. We are using active methods of training: from body-work & AIKIDO to case studies.

You will learn strategies of how to manage teams effectively in multicultural and virtual setting and create efficient workflow. This will be an interactive workshop divided into 3 parts. Each part is considered as an integral element of success in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

We strongly believe that self-reflection is key to be effective in agile and dynamically changing environments.


We can view the complex workspaces as three coexisting areas: Me, We, Us.

Working with colleagues and clients from other countries brings necessity of adjustment of the way you usually work, force people to become agile in order to be effective. Sometimes it causes resistance, sometimes it makes people sank in that multi-style of doing things. How not to get lost? How to trust inner values and not to lose yourself?
During this part, you will learn how to be authentic in your work.

Are we any different? During our session, you will discover basic differences among cultures, which will help you to understand tensions and see the potential for development.

To get results, it’s necessary to integrate all elements and use strategies, which allows planning the workflow in a most efficient way. 

You will learn how to apply different ways of communicating and leading not losing yourself.

Topics that will be covered in the workshop:

my identity

differences among cultures: E.Hall's concept of low/high context cultures

polarity management

application of skills in your cases

Workshop will be run by Przemek Gawroński and Michalina Konkel.

12 of 20 seats available

Przemysław Gawronski

Senior Consultant, Scherer Leadership Center

"Support people in getting the best out of them and get along better with others".