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How to design a marketing campaign in a sprint (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Beata Mosór-Szyszka — CEO, Project: People

What is it about?

The workshop will go through the whole Lean Marketing Sprint step by step, based on the real case study.

In teams, we will compete with the best marketing campaign for the chosen topic. The challenge is creating and implementing a marketing campaign in... a sprint. Worth adding that will be a one day sprint! We will learn the Lean Marketing Sprint concept in practice, going through all of the sprint elements step by step. At the same time, we will create something useful and we will create an exceptional marketing case together :D Who is in?


1. Planning We will learn how to plan and schedule the tactics for the marketing campaign. We would also go through the goals planning and targeting of the campaign. We will learn how to do a lean UX research on our target group. 2. Preparing We will learn how to adjust the marketing communication to make it perfectly designed for the target group, marketing channels, and the goals of the campaign. 

3. Testing We will learn how to design and run tests which will help us to verify if the shape of the campaign is prepared properly for the target group. 

4. Implementing We will run a small marketing campaign and measure the results. We will learn new tools that let you measure the results in real time. 

5. Learning We will go through lessons learned coming from the workshop, usage of the lean marketing sprint method and its utility in your day by day working. 

During the workshop you will learn: 

- how to build the marketing campaign in a week 

- how to verify your marketing hypothesis quickly and easily 

- how to plan tactics, activities for the marketing campaign 

- how to prepare a lean marketing research 

- how to gain momentum and accelerate your marketing campaign 

Skills you will improve: 

marketing, lean marketing, UX research, lean startup 

For whom is the workshop designed? 

For marketers, product marketers, product managers, marketing researcher

17 of 20 seats available

Beata Mosór-Szyszka

CEO, Project: People

"Better done than perfect."