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When everything is a top priority - Creating a common currency for evaluating feature value (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Pete Sinclair — CEO, Obo Inc.

What is the workshop about?

One of the biggest challenges product managers face is effectively prioritizing which features to include in a release. Product managers are constantly struggling to balance the needs and demands of many stakeholders - sales, support, existing customers, executives - against a schedule and fixed set of resources. Additionally, they know they have to take market and competitors trends into account or risk becoming irrelevant. Creating an actionable set of business "drivers" aligned with your business and product strategy provides product teams with consistent baseline values to make key product decisions. This common currency greatly simplifies the prioritization process by reducing opinion-based decisions and creates a measurable framework for evaluating product success. 

For whom is the workshop designed?

Experienced Product Managers that want to explore standards and methods applied by others in the industry, especially the Silicon Valley standards.

We have recently interviewed Pete in the Product Backstage podcast episode. Listen here.

13 of 20 seats available

Pete Sinclair

CEO, Obo Inc.