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How to monetize your product - business models for growth (Group 1) (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Aditya Bhuwania — Senior Product Manager at Alexa Voice Service at Amazon Corporate

What is this workshop about?

Having the right monetization strategy is as important as making the right product. If you don't have the right strategy, mechanisms and thought processes to monetize your product, then your product will fail. We will explore how to think about pricing when you are thinking about product and design. We will discuss ways to improve your thought process and factors to consider and multiple pricing models. We will go through a hands-on exercise to price a few products and explore many possibilities. 

How to be ethical in terms of pricing to make sure your customers don't hate you while buying your product. 

What will we talk about? What will we do? 

1. Why concentrate on pricing? 

We will explore the true importance of pricing and why pricing should be a conversation during product strategy phase. We will talk about components of mature pricing practice. 

2. Different Monetization model

We will talk about 6 Pricing/Monetization model and learn when to use them. 

3. Pricing implementation and infrastructure

What tools, mechanisms and how to architect your pricing 

4. Pricing Exercise - Value creation and not leaving money on the table. 

We will go through some guided exercises and examples for pricing. 

5. Ethical pricing

Who should attend? 

If you are a product manager and/ or aspiring to be a product manager who will propose introducing a new product or even a feature in your company, this workshop will be immensely insightful.

No seats. Sorry!

Aditya Bhuwania

Senior Product Manager at Alexa Voice Service at Amazon Corporate

"Make most customer-centric products."