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How to create customer Centric product? (Group 2) (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Aditya Bhuwania — Senior Product Manager at Alexa Voice Service at Amazon Corporate

What is this workshop for? 

Creating a successful product is not just coding a software or launching a huge program. A true Product manager is the CEO of the product and needs to wear multiple hats on a daily basis. A product manager needs to be highly strategic, create solid product plan, cover all the aspects of business implementation and launch. The workshop dives into understanding and exploring a breadth and depth of product management. 

Who should attend?

Aspiring and existing Product Manager who want to sharpen their Product management skills. Think from the customer's point of view. Learn how to bring a customer in the product decision and discussion. 

What will we do in the workshop? 

1. Understand Customer. 

Understand the strategic framework to understand the customer. How to collect data regarding pain point and seek market needs?

2. The hands-on exercise to create a customer-centric product

We will learn and design a product in the following ways

2.a. Find the targeted customer

Factors to consider to find a targetted customer, segment and market for your product

2.b. Creating and validating Hypothesis 

What pain-point are we solving for the customer using the product? Explore a framework and how to use it to make this decision. 

2.c. Thinking through the solution

How do brainstorming and think through many solutions

2.c. Prioritize 

Method of prioritizing. Factors, framework, and results. 

2.d. User Journey

Create an exercise on User Journey 

2.e. Wireframe

Learn some tools to create a basic low-resolution design of the solution. What tools we can use. 

2.f. Launch 

Things to watch out for a successful launch. 

2.d. Measure 

Tracking existing or defining new metrics to track the success of the product launch.

3. Rinse and Repeat.

Creating a winning formula and repeating wins every time. 

2 of 12 seats available

Aditya Bhuwania

Senior Product Manager at Alexa Voice Service at Amazon Corporate

"Make most customer-centric products."