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Beyond Prioritization - How to optimize your product plan (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Pete Sinclair — CEO, Obo Inc.

What is the workshop about?

You've done the research. You've talked to all the stakeholders. You've spent time with customers, your sales teams and your support teams. You've created a product plan that takes all of those factors into account and ranked the features in priority order. Maybe you've even used a prioritization method like Kano Model or MoSCoW to further refine your choices. But how can you be sure you've got the best plan? In this session, you'll learn how plan optimization can take your prioritization efforts to the next level by utilizing scenarios—combinations of features that could be in a release - giving you a view of what's most important to the market, your customers or your sales team. 

For whom is the workshop designed?

Experienced Product Managers that want to explore standards and methods applied by others in the industry, especially the Silicon Valley standards.

We have recently interviewed Pete in the Product Backstage podcast episode. Listen here.

9 of 12 seats available

Pete Sinclair

CEO, Obo Inc.