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Let's play and plan - daily meeting in details (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Katarzyna Czekaj — Agile Coach at Brown Brothers Harriman

What is the workshop about?

Teams working in an agile framework often find running efficient and productive daily meetings a real challenge. During years of Scrum implementation, we've heard lots of misconceptions around the Daily Meeting/Daily Scrum, sometimes called Stand-up meeting. Lots of them lead to confusion why we are doing this every day, what's the main goal, how to do it? This sometimes results in boring, long and pointless meetings. 

This workshop will be a great opportunity to explore the idea behind the Daily Meeting in some real life scenarios. We will analize many different day-to-day cases, possible ways to react to them and discuss the value of daily planning concept in the form of a game.

The main workshop focus areas are:

  • Debunk the myth that there are only three questions and you have to answer them.
  • Learn how to track work progress and how to report it.
  • Learn how to incorporate basic Kanban principles that can help in running an effective daily meeting.
  • Learn how to recognize main pitfalls that can occur and try to understand how to deal with them.

 Let's experience the excitement during the daily meetings again!

For whom it is designed?

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Change Agents, Development Teams

Skills you will improve:

Product Team

Personal Power - soft skills for Product Managers

No seats. Sorry!

Katarzyna Czekaj

Agile Coach at Brown Brothers Harriman