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The first step in Product Path – how to sum up the knowledge about the product and make the first move to build the big thing? (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Anna Bil — UX-UI product designer at BOLDARE


The product design journey could be long and bumpy! And a project kick-off always means obtaining a lot of information. Let's share some tools or tricks which help navigate along the right path and verify product assumptions. Tips help to define user, business goal and set the right direction.How to efficiently convert a great vision of a project into paper. During the workshop we will deal with issues related to the start of the project. We will see why the mission and vision of the project is crucial and why it is worth knowing your user. With a few tools we will develop a product canvas, we will learn to ask specific questions and define assumptions. All this to build a final brief, which is an indispensable base in the further stages of the design process.

Target Audience:

Future Product Designers wanna - be, starting with brief and product kick-off. For all those to whom the creation of briefs and assumptions of the product will wash away the eyelids.

Basic level. Deals with the creation of a design specification.

Areas of Knowledge:

UX & Design

Problem Solving - Business Analysis

Product Team

2 of 13 seats available

Anna Bil

UX-UI product designer at BOLDARE