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Business Strategy for Product Managers (Park Inn by Radisson)

by Parth Detroja — Product Manager at Facebook

What is the workshop about?

As Product Managers, we have an innate desire to build great products. However, to be a truly great PM, you must be able to take a step back and evaluate when and how to best enter a market (if at all). The first question you should always ask is why should we do this rather than jumping straight to how do we do this. Without a clear strategy, your company will cease to exist. This full-day workshop will teach several strategy frameworks made famous by Harvard Business School to enable you to analyze different industries and products to create the most effective go-to-market strategies possible and enable long-term product success.

The workshop will be run by Parth Detroya (PM at Facebook) and Aditya Agashe (PM at Microsoft).


The workshop will begin with an overview of key strategic frameworks that every Product Manager should know. When a company is looking to enter a new space, it has three fundamental choices: acquire another company already in the space (buy), license from or partner with another company (borrow), or finally, create its own solution (build). As a Product Manager, your job is to find solutions which align with your company’s goals and users’ needs. Exceptional Product Managers know how and when to use the follow arsenal of buying, building, or borrowing rather than blinding jumping to building. A primary focus of the workshop will be around helping participants understand the business strategy required to know when one should build vs borrow vs buy. 

The workshop will be taught by Parth Detroja and Aditya Agashe who are the international bestselling authors of Swipe to Unlock: A Primer on Technology and Business Strategy. They are currently Product Managers at Facebook and Microsoft respectively.

Detroja and Agashe will teach case studies on when great companies opted for build, borrow, or buy strategies to meet different goals and why (e.g. Why did Microsoft choose to acquire LinkedIn or Why did Facebook build a stories feature?) The second half of the workshop will entail participants breaking off into groups and using the frameworks they learned in the first half of the workshop to determine what strategy is best for different scenarios and then creating go-to-market strategies which will be critiqued by workshop leaders. The participants with the best ideas will win free autographed copies of Swipe to Unlock!

For whom is this workshop designed for?

  • Anyone interested in getting the key leanings of a top MBA in a single day 
  • Anyone who desires to learn business strategy best practices from leading Product Managers at Facebook and Microsoft 
  • Business professionals and product owners wanting to know how and when to successfully enter new markets

No seats. Sorry!

Parth Detroja

Product Manager at Facebook