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Lukasz Luzar

Analysis & Architecture Team Leader and Lead Solution Architect @ ABB

Analysis & Architecture Team Leader and Lead Solution Architect at ABB’s IS Innovation & Digital Scouting department under Group CIO focused driving innovations for Industry 4.0 based on mobile applications, IoT, augmented reality, DLT/Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Formerly Product/Solution Manager working on applications for telecoms and banking industry. Strong expertise on technical field connected with deep understanding of business needs, giving unique skills needed to communicate between top-level managers and software developers. A sailor at small and large sailboats in spare time.

Areas of Mentoring

PRODUCT INNOVATION IN ENTERPRISES - practical hints how to drive innovations in large organizations; INNOVATION LAB - how to create an internal innovation department to foster growth, drive product innovation, promote new ideas and technology trends in large enterprises; ARCHITECTRE - how good foundations simplify innovation; BUSINESS VALUE - how to find justification for investing into new products; BUSINESS & IT COOPERATION - challenges and pitfalls related to cooperation between business people and software departments; MARKET DISRUPTION - how new technologies and new business models can be business game changers; DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION across Industry 4.0, telecoms, banking