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Panel Discussion - Digital Transformation

by Katarzyna Gawlik — Experience Design Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital

The discussion panel facilitated by Kasia Gawlik and Werner Puchert together with experts from diverse backgrounds will explore:

Which model is better? And which is more realistic? What role can the product managers play in digital transformation? How can they inspire it, drive, support? What competence do they need to make an impact?

What drives digital transformation? Is it technology or strategy? Gerald C. Kane with his team says clearly: strategy, not technology drives digital transformation. In contrary Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee in their book describe how digital technologies are transforming businesses. The discussion is still pending while both positions are widely cited.

Our special guest and panelists for this discussion will be:

Bartek Gatz - Director of Product Management at Dynatrace

Erhan Ok - Head of Digital Capability at ABB

Magda Ptak - UX Design Team Lead at IG

Robert Florczyk - Senior Vice President, Technology at Brown Brothers Harriman

During our meeting, I would like to confront the academic point of view with market practice of the companies on their digital transformation path. Is the digital agenda led from the top down or opposite way? And maybe there are another factors influencing the process like evolving customers’ needs? Competitors? Or perhaps it is innovative methods of work that pushes the companies towards digital transformation?

Welcome to my panel.

Katarzyna Gawlik


Katarzyna Gawlik

Experience Design Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital