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Panel Discussion - Career in Product Management

by Arjun Saksena — Product Management Coach, President of the Board, ProductDojo

In this discussion, we will be talking to a carefully selected panel of guests that are experienced Product Managers and Leaders that have expertise in mentoring, coaching and building effective product management teams.

Our guests for the panel will be:

Jerzy Foryciarz - Senior PM at Google 

Igor Mróz - a Project Management expert, creator of Zero Bullshit Management, advising and training numerous companies on how to run projects

Zuzanna Kulej - Technical Product Manager at GE

Olga Springer - Head of Product at SentiOne and cofounder of the most important PM resource website in polish language: ProductVision. 

We hope you will enjoy our discussions! :)

Questions will cover four basic themes:

1. How to transition from Product Owner, Program Manager, and Engineering Managers roles? 

2. What to expect in a Product Management Role?

3. How to be successful in a PM role in global product companies? How technical do you need to be?

4. Risks and challenges in a PM role and what to watch out for? How to start a career in Product Management in Poland e.g. resources and activities?

5. How biggest players in the tech scene are shaping Product Management roles: what are the requirements, expectations, and opportunities (and why it is one of the most exciting jobs you can have :))

Throughout the session, we will compare and contrast how things are similar or different between CEE and Silicon Valley. 

Towards the end, we will take questions from the audience. We look forward to your participation to make it a rich and informative session. 

This session is for you so if you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to

Arjun Saksena

Product Management Coach, President of the Board, ProductDojo