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Why open ways of working are more effective? Tips and tricks for product managers and product teams.

by Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska — Group Product Manager


At Spartez one of the values is "open company no bullshit". And this is truly "no bullshit". 'We live and breath our open culture, we nurture it and we make sure our tools support openness so that the life of our customers can also change for the better.'

Spartes Group Product Manager will share what is the reason of consciously working on organizational culture openness helps build a healthy environment where all team members can be effective and deliver amazing results. 

In her presentation, Gosia would like to share some results from the study by Atlassian, which shows the benefits of building an open product organization, explain what it actually means to be open and present some tools and practices Product Managers at Spartez use to effectively make decisions and execute on them with urgency. In an open way.

Gosia Gulgowska-Kowalska

Group Product Manager