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Designing Your Design Team

by Adam Jaworski — Global Leader for Agile + Design Thinking / ECPC Coach


Let's be frank. Crystal-clear situations happen only in InVision newsletters and Spotify keynotes. #YourAverageOrganization struggles with finding the right place for UX people. Or doesn't understand how this Product Management × UX should really work. Maybe there are constraints that doesn't let you grow as a designer. And maybe you have just become Lead, and don't really know where to start... Because #goodux goes way beyond *what* we actually design. It's also how we do it. And who we invite to collaborate. And it's about what we do with roadblocks along the way.


This workshop will be mostly a role-playing experience (however with bits of #uxwisdom). You'll be playing senior design executive helping companies with UX strategy. Along the workshop, given the brief, you'll prepare a draft organization / collaboration strategy for UX team. You'll have a chance to ask questions, get real answers, present your strategy in front of stakeholders, and be challenged with real-life cases and constraints. 

For whom?

Product Managers / UX Leads

What will you learn?

Building UX team and your way of working in a transparent way,

using inspection and adaptation principles.

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Adam Jaworski

Global Leader for Agile + Design Thinking / ECPC Coach

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face — Mike Tyson