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Industry revolution – make it easy with IoT and Azure

by Pawel Fiderek — Cloud Technology Evangelist / IoT Expert

What is the workshop about?

Workshop aims at teaching IoT and cloud-first approach. Nowadays it is almost impossible to live and manufacture without the cloud. According to newest researches by the end of 2025 more than 25 billion devices will be connected to the various number of IoT /cloud systems – which makes it a huge possibility for everyone that wants to contribute. This workshop is a kick-off that will teach how to design and build IoT systems and how to use it to improve your work/production.


1. Introduction of trainers/participants 2. Azure and Azure AD 3. Introduction to IoT 4. IoT and lambda architecture 5. Azure IoT portfolio 6. Hands-On a. Building an Edge b. Building ingestion layer c. Building a storage layer d. Building access layer 7. Security in IoT

For whom is the workshop designed?

For each new technology enthusiasts that are willing to learn about IoT

What attendees will learn?

1. IoT fundamentals 2. Azure IoT portfolio 3. IoT systems architecture 4. Edge computing fundamentals

Workshop is co-facilitated with Rafał Warzycha.

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Pawel Fiderek

Cloud Technology Evangelist / IoT Expert

Big technology enthusiast and IoT lover