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Design Thinking MasterClass - Pawia 7 Kraków, ABB Office

by Andy Woynarowski - Program Board — 99grit - Product Strategy Evangelist

What is this workshop about?

Design Thinking is a pretty overused term lately and there is more and more tools BUT less and less understanding of how and more specifically WHY to use them. There’s so much talk about customer experience, innovation, social responsibility and everything is being mixed into this design thinking basket. On top of that there is a lot of confusion on the business side of what this thing really is and what can I as a business get out of it. 

This full-day workshops will focus on tackling exactly those challenges. We’ll not only cover the tools and the methodology itself but we’ll really dive deeply into how it’s structured and why certain tools work and others not so much.

Commercial Success and a lot of FUN - You'll be able to manage and deliver entire design thinking projects and know exactly how to price the work
Become a PRO and get more work - You'll be able to pitch your projects perfectly to your investors
Solid career progression - You'll be able to progress your career dramatically with the unique knowledge this course offers

Fully understand your customers - and how to use that understanding to improve your products and services.


We’ll spend the first part of the day explaining the high-level process but using a very unique way of looking at it ie. the outcome expected. Once we’ve established what you can expect from the DT process at work we’ll spend the next part of the day trying to answer all the questions for each step of the process. The process designed for this unique workshop will cover my own approach to DT using 7 steps on our journey starting with Business Hypothesis Mapping and finishing on Impact Delivery. E will focus very much on the cause and effect aspect of the process - no tool or method will be included without a full integration with other methods. 

Each participant will receive a present to continue on their path of the Design Thinking Masterclass Expert!

For whom is this workshop designed for?

·      Those who want a fresh and updated look on Design Thinking and understand exactly how to work it.

·      Designers working closely with their clients wanting to create a great impact and deliver amazing and unique results within their projects.

·      Business owners wanting to reach their customers on a real level and dramatically improve their experience.

·      Product owners wanting to have a full grasp on the design thinking process and use it to improve their products.

·      Professionals using Design Thinking methods and tools daily but are looking for a fresh look on things.

·      Researchers that care deeply about creating exceptional customer experiences - this is the only course covering the details of research preparation and synthesis.

Skills you will improve

No Fluff! Only concrete Information! 29 Methods fully integrated in order to have a full understanding of how the Design Thinking process works

Learn directly form Andrzej more about this workshop watching this short video.

9 of 20 seats available

Andy Woynarowski - Program Board

99grit - Product Strategy Evangelist