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Product Management Game - Klimeckiego 1, BBH Office,

by Katarzyna Czekaj — Agile Coach at Brown Brothers Harriman

During the workshop participants will be able to experience product life cycle from ideation stage till product deployment phase.

This multi-layered experience will consist of different aspects of product management including: strategic thinking, product roadmap definition, planning, cost evaluation, execution and releasing from different perspectives like technical point of view, etc. 

Over the workshop participants will have a chance to make decisions, observe the results, inspect them and reflect including implementation of improvements to the next development cycle.

Workshop is a highly interactive product management simulation.

Workshop leaders: Katarzyna Czekaj, Marcin Fitt, Michal Domagala, Pawel Rachwal

15 of 15 seats available

Katarzyna Czekaj

Agile Coach at Brown Brothers Harriman