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What every product manager should know about AI? - Klimeckiego 1, BBH Office,

by Olga Springer — Head of Product at SentiOne

What is the workshop about?

During the workshop, we will talk about the cooperation between the product and R&D teams. I will tell you about introducing a new product on the market, which features an advanced NLU engine as its main selling point? We will learn how to calculate a potential business case for the client, propose an optimal solution, and set up KPIs. Finally, we will design the bot’s UX for an enterprise client that wishes to automate their customer service.


AI applications - interactive brainstorm History of SentiOne, how it pivoted from social media listening to a customer service automation platform Use case - preparing an offer for an enterprise customer A) Business case B) KPIs for a pilot project C) Scope proposal D) Bot concept (persona, UX)

For whom?

Software product managers Product owners Project managers Analysts

What attendees will learn?

AI characteristics and applications The difference between MVP, Proof of Concept, Pilot, Official Launch Introducing a new product to market - how to run customer discovery How to measure chatbot ROI?

12 of 15 seats available

Olga Springer

Head of Product at SentiOne

Head of Product at SentiOne