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Product backlog management and prioritization techniques - in a form of a game - Pawia 7, ABB Offices,

by Bartek Gatz — Director of Product Management


This workshop is a practical counterpart to the presentation "Road-mapping and prioritization caveats - with examples" I am giving earlier during the conference. During this workshop we shall have a little practical game with several parts, a little bit of theory, hopefully some fun, and something to think about on your way back home. No preparations required. Just bring your own experiences, your sense of humor and allow yourself for a little out-of-the-box thinking.

For whom?

Practical experience in product management is recommended, although not required. Sessions are aimed at mid-level product managers. That being said, based on the feedback I collect, designers, developers and senior PMs typically find it useful too.

No seats. Sorry!

Bartek Gatz

Director of Product Management

Product manager at Dynatrace with strong engineering background and a practitioner of applied headology..