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Strategy by design - how to get the right idea - Klimeckiego 1, BBH Office

by Wiesław Kotecki — Experience Design Director at Deloitte Digital CE

Workshop description

Everybody’s talking about strategy nowadays. During this workshop we will show how to use our framework Strategy by Design to create great products. We believe that to create good product/service you need to use three perspectives: desirability (is it creating value for clients), viability (tangible results for business) and feasibility (how to make it happen in terms of tech, legal, governance, ops).

But great startegy is not enough - we will focus also on design (we call it IMAGINE) and DELIVER parts of the product development cycle. As we’re great believers and practitioners of agile, we will show how to merge design thinking, design sprints and scrum to create pragmatic, effective and creative process.

During the workshop we will mix theory (mininum amount) and practical activities based on real case studies.

Who should attend?

-Designers wanting to have better understanding of strategic process

-Business owners who want to understand and plan product development proces form strategic thinking, through product definition ending on agile, human oriented design proces.

-Product owners working on products on daily basis to be inspire how to leverage on strategic thinking, design sprints and scrum

-All other Folks interested in how to merge strategy, design and tech.

Level of experience required to participate: mid/senior.

6 of 15 seats available

Wiesław Kotecki

Experience Design Director at Deloitte Digital CE