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Understanding the Discovery Phase: What is it all about? - Klimeckiego 1, BBH Office,

by Orest Dmytrasevych — Senior Scrum Master / Agile Coach at Symphony Solutions

What is the workshop about?

According to McKinsey, 17% of IT projects turn out so bad, they cause the collapse of the company. While only 7% of the projects are delivered late, 45% exceed the estimated budget. Cautious analysis and planning could prevent many failures. While not a panacea, the Discovery phase is essential for business owners who wish to complete their project on time and on budget. This workshop will give you understanding on how to collect product requirements, conduct interviews and create Discovery artifacts. For each step of the Discovery we will discuss not only theoretical aspects, but also their application on practice in real life situations This will be useful to those who do not know where to start, are afraid to lose time or not take into account the important things.

Workshop program:

The workshop will consist of two parts: theoretical and practical. Firstly we will discuss how to carry out Discovery on a new project with specific steps and examples. Lately participants will apply all the instruments on practice and as a result will build a shared understanding of the product from the idea to the very end.

Who should attend?

- Those who want to understand the business value of Discovery stage - Product Managers / Product Owners wanting to enhance their knowledge - UX Designers wanting to make sure that they understand their customer needs - Everyone who was / is or will be involved in Discovery stage :)

What attendees will learn?

- How to carry out Discovery on a new project - How to create Product vision board and product roadmap - How to improve UX Strategy with the UX Strategy Canvas - The key metrics to monitor and evaluate the progress of the work on discovery stage

12 of 15 seats available

Orest Dmytrasevych

Senior Scrum Master / Agile Coach at Symphony Solutions

Management 3.0. Facilitator, Certified Scrum Master, Certified SAFe®4 Agilist with extensive experience of working in different environments and implementing cultural transformation of teams and organizations.