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Building Engaging Products - Applying Growth Playbook - Pawia 9, Qualtrics Office,

by Abishek Viswanathan — Head of Product at Qualtrics

Shek & Krzysztof have collectively spent over 25 years working at top product companies like Amazon, Zynga, TripAdvisor, Groupon and currently run world-class SaaS product teams at Qualtrics.

Through this session, Shek & Krzys will bring a unique set of tools, experiences and frameworks that melds lessons learnt from building highly engaging consumer products and world-class enterprise software, which will ultimately help you determine a product roadmap that can turn your products into habit-forming experiences for customers.
Workshop program:
1. Introduction to a product framework
2. Lessons/examples from Silicon Valley
3. Building a metrics-driven model
4. Building key hypotheses and OKRs
5. Hands-On: product strategy exercise 

This workshop is for Product Managers / Product Owners with 1+ years of product experience. 

Workshop is co-facilitated by Shek and Krzysztof Marcisz.

26 of 40 seats available

Abishek Viswanathan

Head of Product at Qualtrics