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PM Masterclass - Pawia 7, ABB Office

by Arjun Saksena — Product Management Coach, President of the Board, ProductDojo

What is the workshop about?

This hands-on workshop will cover the core skills needed during the entire product management lifecycle. We will learn how to generate ideas, validate opportunities with market research and customer interviews, and craft an effective vision, strategy and roadmap. We will also understand how to scale a product and develop a business case to present to internal and external stakeholders.

Designed for?

Aspiring and Existing Product Managers, Product Owners and Program Managers at small and large tech companies. This will also be useful for engineering leaders who want to understand the business side of things better.

What attendees will learn?

Participants will also learn how to develop a customer journey, and utilize frameworks like OKR's and Jobs to be done. We will explore how to define and track the right success metrics for features and develop an outcome-oriented product roadmap. Students will actively participate throughout the course and gain hands-on experience through collaborative exercises and assigned readings. You will finish the workshop knowing how to avoid common pitfalls and be empowered to truly succeed in the field of product management

See the video from Arjun's presentation at #PDD4 on how to be a good Product Manager,

This workshop is the same as the one run on 22nd of October. 

11 of 15 seats available

Arjun Saksena

Product Management Coach, President of the Board, ProductDojo