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Yuka Nagashima

Exec Advisor for People of Color and Immigrants • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

Yuka Nagashima is a Global Advisory Board member and the former President of Astia, a global organization committed to leveling the playing field for women entrepreneurs. Yuka led Astia's Entrepreneur Programs, including the Astia Expert Sift, its proprietary methodology to curate women-led companies for Astia Angels and investors.

Yuka's career spanned multiple disciplines: she co-founded two tech startups, directed innovation policy and operated incubation centers for the State of Hawaii government, as well as developing and teaching STEM courses, and serving on various advisory boards. Her values to build capacity in others and fight for the underdog come through in all of the challenges she undertakes.

Recognized as a leader on diversity & inclusion, entrepreneurship, and innovation strategy, Yuka actively engages the community through her speaking engagements and consulting work as interim CEO/COO and executive advisor, specializing in serving people of color and immigrants.