Edyta Korona - Executive Team

L&D, OD Program Director

Edyta is a psychologist with over 12 years of practical experience in tech companies. Over the years, she played various roles, starting from product manager of an educational platform, to becoming an organizational psychologist and learning and development expert for innovation teams. She is a trained and experienced facilitator, coach, business trainer and program manager, running multiple programs (internal and opened) for companies and hiring experts for OD projects. 

Edyta is passionate about applying the science of human behaviour in the business environment. Working in the innovation industry to combine two disciplines: psychology and technology, she navigates fluently in diverse, cross-functional and international teams, driving innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Since 2015th, she is an idea giver, organizer and now program director of one of the largest, educational conferences for product teams in Europe (Product Development Days), currently operating in the US and bringing this concept to the global level. She collaborates with leaders and executives of top tech companies building an engaging international community of experts and innovators. 

Operating mostly on a strategic level as an advisor, coach or program manager for C- level executives, investors and mentoring high-potential startups Edyta has gained experience in running interdisciplinary projects that require broad business understanding, marketing agility, innovation on the program and product side and ability to build a community around important topics.  She also keeps being up to date with business analysis and modelling, organizational development and L&D strategies. After hours she works on a digital platform for managing learning and development processes.