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Rich Mironov, Product Management Guru

Product Management Guru, Mironov Consulting

Rich provides full-time and short-term product management help to large and small tech companies:- Organizing the product organization. How do we define/find/mentor/share work among product managers, product owners, product marketers, Directors, VPs and CPOs?- Scaling up. Larger companies face product/portfolio issues more complex than single-product market validation. How do we balance competing interests and technology roadmaps?- Being agile. Scrum, Kanban and DevOps make engineering teams more productive, but don't solve for what markets want - or what customers will pay for. How do product teams serve ever-faster development processes and still keep an eye on the market?He wrote "The Art of Product Management"‚Äč ( and is a voice for the scrappy entrepreneur in all of us. Founder of Product Camp, he's an in-demand speaker for business/executive and technical audiences. Rich has taught at top business schools worldwide, at conferences, and chaired the first product manager/product owner tracks at the annual Agile Conference. He also (secretly) mentors a few product folks on the side, and is a sounding board for CPOs/VPs of Product.