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Workshop: Storytelling and Leadership Presence

by Jennifer Liu, Product Leadership Coach — Program Board, Product Leadership Coach

Crafting Your Message and Leadership Presence

In this full-day experiential workshop, you’ll up-level your ability to connect, inspire and lead through storytelling and leadership presence. This interactive, reflective workshop will give you concrete growth opportunities. We’ll iterate on verbal and non-verbal communication tools backed by science, pulling from multiple disciplines including psychology, improv and leadership communication. You’ll craft compelling stories and deliver them with physical skills that enhance authenticity and impact. Over the course of the day, you’ll break out into smaller learning communities and receive personalized coaching. You’ll leave the workshop with best practices that you can apply daily to powerfully connect with individuals, teams and broader organizations. 

Jennifer and team develop and deliver product leadership programs, working with startup co-founders and top organizations such as Google and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Leaders who work with Jennifer connect with their vision and translate their insights into actionable results.

What we’ll learn together:

  • Gaining awareness of your personal communication style and how it’s received by others 

  • Practising and iterating on verbal and non-verbal leadership best practices, tailored to your unique style

  • Developing confidence in your leadership presence and messaging abilities

  • Scaling your impact through values-driven storytelling 

  • Strengthening your ability to connect with individuals and groups 

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in developing their voice/presence and inspiring others through a unique leadership vision.

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Jennifer Liu, Product Leadership Coach

Program Board, Product Leadership Coach